Music| Listen To New @OLAWUMIII “Understand” (p.@SoundsByNova)

• New Jersey’s Soul-Trap songstress OLAWUMI and trance-vibe producer NOVA go head to head in newly released single “Understand” apart of her #thefeels series, as OLA gears up for her upcoming EP #CROWNS. Transitioning her style and sound, OLAWUMI reaches out to LA-native Nova for another one of his mystic-themed productions. Trap music growth has spread and “Understand” is the poetic/soul version of trap music from a poets point of view. Opting out of taking advantage of the more relationship based season, Olawumi speaks more of a broken heart that soon understands it’s okay to move on.

Synth-keys and 808 bass drums reign over this track as a soft sample plays in the background. The dark pattern of the organ tap-dances with the Olawumi’s unique voice that makes the track infectious. Trust us, the song has been on repeat for a while. With 2016 around the corner, Olawumi is gearing up for some major moves in the upcoming year. Stay tune for more updates on her anticipated EP #CROWNS.


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