Music| Artist Of The Week @SoundByNova

• We tend to listen to an artist for a while before we can vouch for their body of work, but California based producer, songwriter/rapper NOVA has been surfacing for quite sometime now and is this weeks #AOTW. His track record has only grown and become more and more impressive. As he still remains considered underground at this moment we see 2016 being a breakout year for NOVA’s mystical sound and his hypnotic vocal arrangements.

His sound is starting to stir up a lot of conversation, but little is still know about the wild-hair artist who is becoming renown for delivering uniquely produced records and providing hypnotizing hooks. The BrainBandit supported artist has built a resume with some of Indie’s HipHop/R&B top talents such as Oshi, KRS., Tunji Ige and many more. His sound has been attached to his peer and fellow brand-mate Dutchboy with hits like “Neighbors” and many others. The duo have been very busy as they continue to develop and curate music that labels and press have taken great interest in. Nova has been a center piece for the growing brand BrainBandits and a reliable resource for artist in many different genres.

We gladly headed to our SoundCloud account to build a playlist of NOVA hits, according to our standards. The list if filled with known tracks NOVA has been praised for and even a few that he has released TODAY! Like we said before, he has been very busy keeping his fans and interested labels ears filled with great music. Today alone, NOVA has put out the jazzy and seducing record “Complex” where he gets to the point with his significant other. Literally 22 hours bfore this release, NOVA offers listeners the trance track “Valley” dedicated to his hipster girls residing in the Valley of Cali. His consistency is one of our favorite attributes that NOVA gives to fans and followers. He usually doesn’t go to many days without releasing something for us all to tune into. Pay Attention to what NOVA is doing in 2016, because we are sure he will be busy . Take Time To Visit NOVA’s Page and Take A Listen!


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