Fashion| Check Out The High-End “Veg Octobers” by @LASCO

• Releasing today is the overly coveted custom crafted LASCOVeg Octobers” which pay homage to the Nike and Kanye West collaborated Air Yeezy II’s design. The ultra-luxurious edition was carefully constructed and deviously planned to drop on the Shoppers Holiday of the year, Black Friday. If your internet is acting up, chances are this high-grade pair of LASCO’s just might be the leading cause. Earlier this week, LASCO announced the expected release via Instagram, and the craze began.

These mid-top’s dubbed “Veg October” are constructed with vegetable-tanned leather and highlight a list of the renown Air Yeezy II designs such as the unique ridge heel panel, to the mid-foot strap that goes completely across the foot. Even though LASCO is familiarizing the “Veg Octobers” to the Yeezy’s please acknowledge the distinct difference in materials utilized. From the glue to the laces, each component was hand picked to add to the upscale of these sneakers. Hand-crafted to perfection, these High-profile sneakers take on the exclusiveness of the Yeezy’s as on 50 pair have been made and priced at the overly affordable price of $1,299, for today (Black Friday) only.

We know, This is just not doing you enough justice, so please head over to LASCO website and take a look at the process of production as well as some unique shots of the sneaker.


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