Trends| Top Music Collectives Expected To Emerge In 2016

Artwork by Darren Oorloff  

• The adagio ignition that the Indie Music scene is, it has showcased artist like Bryson Tiller, Little Simz, Esta, and more, rather abruptly but nonetheless extremely successful. With this exciting new age in music, collectives (as we call them) have begun to develop and anchor their teams and brands in the industry. Groups of talents, whether its music artist, videographers, producers, dj’s, etc., known as Collectives have built label seeking impressions in the last year alone. 2016 is expected to only intensify as these indie labels further grasp the business modals and master media outlets. Utilizing each component of their teams, the collectives that catch our eye are full of individual talents that unify to construct a common goal.

Our list of collectives are global clusters of creatives that have a cult like following individually and collectively. As 2016 lapse by, the expectation for continuous creative content seems reasonable to see come to fruition. Clothing brands are releasing new products, labels are gearing up their summer plans, and Collectives are reaping in from all the social media buzz. It would seem as though fanbases are equally dedicated to the underground artist as industry artist as collectives like JetLife have made evident. Following the lit path only makes sense in the darkness that is the music business. We have researched, listened and debated which Indie Music Collectives will take 2016 over and our list is short but enticing.


Based in Washington D.C, the 21 artist collective consisting of producers/singers/djs/musicians stems globally and maintains that global aesthetic as a unit. Drifting in and out of genres from EDM to R&B, the collective is described as ” eclectic energy infused with infinite inspiration” says a fan greeted outside of Webster Hall NYC recently. 1 Am is recent playlist designed by the Collective, which features a short collection of works from members of the team.

Film Noir Sound

Reigning in from Kingston, Jamaica, Film Noir Sound directs vibes as the crew of producers, rappers and singers define their Caribbean roots thru trance induced records. Built from three main talents; BNJMN, Oshi, and Krs, Film Noir Sounds have begun to formulate their deeply interactive following and have been touring sharing their sounds.


When it come to Michigan, Detroit tends to sabotage the music scene, but Grand Rapids, Michigan has set it’s sights on being the headquarters of great Indie Art and the return of real music/musicianship. Renown collective AGO (Astronaut Gang) has been breaking through barriers for quiet sometime now and this year will be no different. Each component of the AGO squad provides their own wave and vibe but as a unit brings out the enjoyment of listening to music you would get back in the 90’s. Soulful productions, formidable flows, and business mindset like no other, AGO has made their name known globally. Sango, Waldo, The Seventh, Joose The Conqueror, Amos, Savon and Mozaic form a reputable musical regime that allows Michigan to sit on the shoulders of these titans.

Brain Bandits

Dubbed a creative services firm powered by filmmakers, musicians and visual artists, Brain Bandits has had one of the most impressive 2015 music years. The collective is broken into many variables that help curate the many hits the team have accumulated this far. Leading the pack is youthful Tunji Ige whom took 2015 over with his popular Day2Day record which caught features from Micheal Christmas and OVO’s ILoveMekonnon. Accompanying Tunji’s versatile style is visionary Glassface who filmed plenty of award-ready music visuals. The many components help Brain Bandits stand tall next to all the many indie labels out there.

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