Lifestyle| Fashion x Social Brand Releationships 101 Starring @Yesjulz & @KithSet

• Some friendships are momentary and some are just meant to last, but in the industry relationships are portrayed by the news lines. Some unions, you just have to pay close attention to and learn what is true organic exchanges and what are just simply business moves. Who better to be a detector of vibes than the Director of vibes herself, YesJulz. Not only does the leader of the #NNW (Never Not Working) movement grasp the concept of exceptional marketing but she has displayed continuously her demand for positive vibes only via Snapchat. If you watch her brand interactions, she is a favorite with many lifestyle brands, a home-run for commercial brands and the most sought after for up and comers. One relationship of them all that she maintains and shows a true appreciation for is the renown KITH brand hailing from NYC.

Hosting some of the livest events on the entire East Coast, YesJulz has been able to grab the attention of many fans, followers and brands. The relationship with Kith was officially defined when Julz and Kith owner Ronnie Fieg connected. Her energy and ability was components Ronnie must have noticed immediately as she began to become a poster child for the Kith brand. The duo gathered to present some of the most entertaining and rewarding events. They flaunt their friendship socially and their brands have only grown stronger as they propel one another higher. This is one of our main reasons they are this weeks Lifestyle Lesson. If you are a PR/Marketing major, The Life of YesJulz at this time is one to pay attention too and acknowledge her relationship retention ability. One fact we know is Brands want to keep their customers attention and curating attention grasping content is sometimes a challenge. YesJulz specializes in making this process much easier for brands and Kith, who is a staple for youthful lifestyle, notices her undeniable attraction to the youth. Their teams complement one another visual and aesthetically which is why we see their relationship lasting.

We have designed a 3 good reasons why YesJulz remains a Kith favorite & what we learned in our list below:


  1. She Makes Great Use Of The Relationship: Not only does Julz play as a face for the brand to use but she even provides the brand with others who can build the buzz. For example YesJulz latest artist rave Shake, who has been releasing music on major radio, has also played a part in being apart of the KITH lifestyle. Utilizing their outlets, Shake gets captured in some of KITH’s finest and naturally the relationship is linked.
  2. Her Events Are The Best: Any brand paying attention to what the youth want, knows that YesJulz is basically it! Her aura as a person with no stage, music and wild guest list is elevated alone, so of course her events carry the same energy. Kith and Yesjulz have designed several great turn-outs and we fore-see plenty more to come.
  3. LOOK AT YESJULZ!: I mean foreal, look at her. You would let her wear your clothes too.



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