Music| Meet The @070Project (@070Shake @070Phi @RalphyRiver @IamHackley_ & More) in “070 Freestyle”

• So you just thought it was Shake yelling “070” huh? Well you were wrong and the 070 Project has arrived and is here to stay. So when this whole YesJulz x 070Shake phenomenon began, most only heard of Shake (Dani) and a few heard the features from 070 crew member Phi. Little did we all know, but 070 had multiple components and has been patiently waiting to unveil the entire team as a whole. Well that time has arrived and the New Jersey based trippy squad has decided to make their unified voice heard.

With an in-house production group (consisting of Sebastian, Razsy & Ether) called The Kompetition, a list of lyricist, a model, a few dope videographers and a city that supports, The 070 Project comes together like Megatron. Their sound is infectious, their look is eclectic and their plan is working. To announce their forthcoming to this music industry, the crew does what crews do and held a cypher. Recently they released a home-based visual depicting their many dynamics and overall support. “070 Freestyle” is the debut of the 070 Project as a whole and displays Shake, Malick, Phi, B-Hesh, Hackley and Ralphy River. The entire tandem of talent delivers heavy bars as they speak on the growth they have experienced so far.

The visual was shot right in their backyard of Paterson, NJ and was captured by the visionary known as LLAMA. On a beautiful New Jersey day, the crew and a slew of supports head down to the local park to film great vibes, good music and psychedelic scenarios. Making great use of their time nd efforts, 070 Project shows fans what to expect when the team unifies.


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