Music| @Nite_Shine Releases His Debut EP “FAME is FA …. ME”

• With New Jersey music buzzing the way it has been this year, it will be common to see a lot of NJ artist releasing the rest of the year. What is uncommon is the impression each will make, and Piscataway, NJ artist Nite Shine is making quite an impressive first impression. Please don’t get us wrong, this is not his first time releasing as he is the chorus voice on the Hot 97 favorite “Gary Coleman” track that played all Summer 15. With a nice collection of features and a few singles, Nite has decided to bless fans with a full EP. “Fame is Fa … Me” is his proclamation of why Nite belongs in this game and race for ‘Fame’. His team featuring Let’s Roll Records head-honcho Foe-Huned and many more have been supporting him for a while and now proudly present his debut project.

The EP compromises melodic flows, metaphoric wordplay and great production quality. Nite has made a name for himself as a hook master and energetic voice on beats, but this time around he focuses on his melodies and word-usage. Detailed story-telling is delivered on each song that is backed by some amazing production. The young talent tugs for the ladies heart strings on several of the songs and he also reminisces of trails and tribulations he has experienced. The overall mood is set to calm and comfortable with a subtle Jersey bounce.

All Together this EP is on our watchlist of Summer Hits. We definitely plan to see more from Nite Shine and the Let Roll Familia.



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