Lifestyle| 5 @Spotify Playlist You Should Be Listening Too


• With the music world in the midst of transitioning from mainstream radio as leading source for popular music to the uncharted world of Playlist, we head to the mecca of playlist streaming, Spotify. Streaming has become the new metric system to measure music’s outreach and with that being the case, radio waves become less honed in on and streaming sites begin to take flight. Spotify has become one of today’s leading sites for subscribers to access new, popular, genre based music that they can’t get from the radio. Playlist have become as sacred as the DJ’s serato (collection or set).

We have developed a list of Spotify Playlist that everyone should tune into. We detailed the style of music, reason you should listen and artist most likely to hear. Enjoy Below.

Mood Booster

Life is all about catching the groove that is being set, and Mood Booster is the playlist that will sail you into the perfect mood for the moment. If your feeling down or feeling great and want it to maintain, The Mood Booster is your go to. Full of energy, artist such as OutKast, Gorillaz, Blur, Ceelo Green, Vampire Weekend, U2, and many more appear all over this listing. From some of the most popular pop tracks to underground Hip-Hop hits, this list will bring you back to live and great vibes.

Workout Twerkout

Every now and again, we all need an energetic boost of music that will keep you pumped and turnt-up through your last set of bench presses or to help instruct your zumba class. Workout Twerkout is a classy  collection of popular tracks that will have your hipbone grooving and feet moving. Hit’s like “Panda” by Desiigner,

Lush Vibes

Lush Vibes is one of the newest addition to Spotify’s Playlist section and is making all instrumental lovers ears completely happy. This underground based playlist seeks out the top producers/engineers of today’s Indie music world and lends a growing platform to display hit records. This array of buzzing beats captures huge indie artist like AGO’s Savon, The SEVENth, and others like Iman Omari, Yung AOL, Tek.Lun and more. Lush Vibes will grab your ears, move your mind and slither down your spine with amazing tunes and vibes that will make your day go by. Enjoy some Lush Vibes today.

Fresh Finds

Shortly after the extreme success of Spotify’s Discover Weekly, landed the genius idea of a playlist consisting of newly developed underground artist. Defining a musical palate can take time and a continuation of changing styles and flavors (musically speaking). In a short detailed description, Fresh Finds surfaces the latest songs from undiscovered artist that are capturing the world’s interest way before the music becomes a popular choice. Naturally there is a science behind the Man vs Machine devised playlist and it infuses 6 separate playlist, a team of Spotify taste-makers and musical geniuses that are under the radar.  Take a listen to what’s new and upcoming.

Teen Party

As the name suggest this playlist is young, exciting, ambitious and loud. Many great attributes when perfectly selected by the genius minds at Spotify. Artist of all youthful sounds appear on this list from The ChainSmokers, DJ Snake, Ariana Grande, to sounds like MØ, Tove Lo, Lukas Graham and Sia. This concoction of teen spirit is meant to keep you young and up all night. Spotify keeps the youth in mind with this playlist and naturally we love the youthful energy here. Tune in and be a kid again as you groove to an array of today’s leading pop hits.

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