Music| Why That @DUCKWRTH ‘UUGLY’ Album Matters.


• Our friends at TheBlindYouth have traditionally backed interesting characters, but always found artist with amazing quality of music and unique use of sounds. So it comes as no surprise that when we heard rising artist DUCKWRTH (pronoinced Duck Worth), The Blind Youth was behind it. Duck recently released his debut album “UUGLY” which is 9 tracks of ‘Fuego’ and great vibes.

The heavily blog supported project has lead us to understand that an album such as ‘UUGLY’ is something we all needed before 2017 arrived. Now, we know your asking “But Why?” and we have the answer to that.

Unlike many of the artist that are surfacing today, Duck has chosen to maintain the art of Story-telling while allowing great production to back up his gaiety vocals and forthright lyrics. The youthful talent used his platform to draw out listeners inner-child while staying true to the mature message with-in it all. What makes this project matter is the wide-range audience this touches, the amazing vibes it provides and the hope that music isn’t relying on production alone. He is apart of a movement of real talent that looks to stay for a while.


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