Art|View The @Aiww “Laundromat” Project Located In New York on Refugee Crisis


• In his attempts to educate and inform others of the continuing Refugee Crisis, artist Ai Wiewei presents his latest installment dubbed “Laundromat” based in New York City. Held at the Deitch Projects in New York, the Chinese artist – whom was once a refugee himself- filled the exhibition space with garments, shoes and personal effects that he acquired from refugee camps that housed Syrian immigrants at the town of Idomeni near the border of Greece.

Displayed at the exhibition are articles that Ai was able to retrieve from trucks that were taking the wet and soiled clothing to a landfill, which in turn had AI clean, wash, dry and iron or this project. Which is how the installment received the name Laundromat. Utilizing the floor space, Ai plastered 2,000 text and image snippets from the media reports on the crisis while the walls are lined with photos documenting Ai’s time in Idomeni. The “Laundromat” installation which is on display till December 23 joins Ai Weiwei’s previous projects in Florence, Prague, Berlin, and Vienna that deal with the current refugee crisis.


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