Art| Aarón Carrillo Díaz Rio House Previews A Healthy Lifestyle


• Mexican architect Aarón Carrillo Diaz has once again displayed his genius in the field of design and style. Settled in Pachuca, Mexico, Diaz has designed a sanctuary dubbed “Rio House“.

Tucked away inside Central Mexico, this private and exclusive enclave boast of contemporary talent on the interior and exterior. Thoughtful designed, the house’s features are based on climate comfort and unique placement. The art in Diaz’s construct is with how he was able to use the terrain to his advantage by allowing pieces of the house to fuse with nature. Decked with marble flooring and granite counter tops, the house also displays an outdoors hallway. The indoor landscaping is as thoughtfully furnished as the house itself.

Diaz states that his purpose with this house was to support and promote the Healthy family. Identified from the kitchen and breakfast locale to the recreation area, this house provides everything a family could want within these Pachuca walls.

…. More Views Of Aarón Carrillo Diaz’s ‘Rio House’ Below, ENJOY ….


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