Music| Watch @SminoBrown Bless COLORS Berlin w/ Funky Track “Maraca”


• With Indie Music slowly replacing the Industry (personal opinion), many names lead the revolution such as Indie Label’s like Soulection, AGO, Fete and Indie artist like Monty Booker, Sango and Smino Brown. A leading role member of The Sound Of Tomorrow over the years is lyracist and singer SMINO BROWN. As classic as his name appears, his sound has resignated across the globe and is continuing to make a lasting impression. For all that are late to who Smino is and the creativity that he poses, Music Lifestyle platform COLORS Berlin has soemthing just for you.

So it’s pretty simple, COLORS Berlin designs a room based on the musical mood, paints it and has artist come and perform their hit singles live. Becoming almost a religious part of releases, many growing artist utilize COLORS to share their sound with a larger audience of Music lovers. Smino chose one of his more infectious records “Maraca” to perform live. Full of tempo shifts, vocal assorting and just one of the funkiest flows in the music game, Maraca has been a fan favorite for Smino.

…. Watch Smino Brown Perfrom ‘Maraca’ w/ COLORS Berlin Above, ENJOY ….

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