Music| Stream @DaGetMoneySquad New Album ‘Ruff Buff’


• Buffalo, NY based duo The Get Money Squad has officially made thier debut with their latest project release dubbed “Ruff Buff“. Quick bio, The Get Money Squad, consisting of talents from reniassance artist Jon Bap & his equally talented sibling Quinton Brooks. Together, these two form the free-spirited Indie Rock band (TGM$).

Offering a 9-track project, TGM$ have found their niche in Indie Music while maintaining a HipHop persona (seeing that their name is The Get Money Squad). Jon Bap has become renown to most Indie artist as a designer of Funky & Off tempo tunes. He would be considered the musical director of TGM$ while Quinton plays as the vocals and song-writer of the band. Together we embark on a radio ready release.

The duo delivered their single ‘Youth‘ early last month, which was accompanied by their first ever Music video. Exploiting the love and lust for being young and full of excitement, the rest of the album concurs with this mesage. Some of our favorites from the album are “The Cul De Sac” and “Pillow Talk” which both start with a simple live drum measures and followed by a grasping guitar melody by Jon. Quinton’s vocals are built to lead a rock guitar and his writting and story-telling are kinetic. Overall, the album plays as the perfect ‘welcome’ mat for these two talents we expect to see for a while.

 …. Stream The Entire ‘Ruff Buff’ Album by The Get Money Squad Below, ENJOY ….

And A Few Song’s By Jon Bap From His “Yesterday’s Homily” Singles

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