AOTW| Artist We Watching This Week ft. @Andersnst w/ Music Review on ‘669’


• Toronto has claimed home to some of today’s leading acts in Music and continues to grow it’s roster of talent. Dedicated mostly to smooth sounds of R&B, Canada has had a surplus of crooners/singers/wailers that have captured ears and hearts worldwide. The sound that is being provided is more of a drak/mystical Rythem & Blues sound with a trap music vibe. Artist like The Weeknd, Majid Jordan, Tory Lanez and more have paved a lane for artist like this week’s #AOTW (Artist Of The Week), Anders!

Recently, Anders released his debut EP ‘669‘ which is a 7-track project fueled with Toronto influence, amazing production and moving lyrics. The mystery around Anders has the internet buzzing, but when your producing music like this 22-year old talent, then many are going to ask questions. His project has gained much approval across blogs, streaming platforms and his musical peers. Displaying his vocal range and writing capability, 669 has been a great expression of love and heart-ache through the eyes of youthfuls today. As Canada continues to promote it’s talented ones, artist like Anders are just prying doors open.


Our ‘669’ Review

The project known as 669 is a short but sweet gift to listeners pondering about who Anders is and what will he bring to this industry. Production seen from S.L.M.N., LUCA, and FrancisGotHeat keep this project at a consistant tempo and sound. Not to upbeat, 669 is more of a Mood/Vibe project that is an introduction. With only one feature on the entire project, 669 allows the many styles, cadences and writting patterns of Anders to be seen vividly.

1. With or Without – This Introduction is ideal for today’s new R&B artist. Dark, Mysterious, and Captivating are a few words to describe thistrack. Produced by S.L.M.N. & LUCA, this is Anders decree to all that his success, life and happiness will happen “With or Without’ You.

2. Diamonds – Production by FrancisGotHeat & S.L.M.N., gives more of  trap music vibe as we see Anders doing more of rythming then he is singing. Harping on a rap record, Anders falsetto keeps this from becoming a regular HipHop track. Speaking to a Gold Digger’s needs, Diamonds are what we all want.

3. You For You – LUCA blesses the production with a more Alternative sound for an R&B artist. Adding to Anders diversity, this track is more Pop then any other sound. Anders explores his vocals on this record and displays his story-telling ability. Love is a two-way street and ‘You For You’ speaks on how that isn’t being shared on both sides.

4. December ft. Luca – Is the first time we catch Anders preview his self-production as he recieves help from LUCA on production and vocally. December keeps that darkness we have all grown to embrace. More angelic production allows Anders to speak to his December bae.

5. The Days – Held as the most popular record off the EP, ‘The Days’ was produced by Chris Lay and has the most dramatic introduction of all the songs. Violins, synths and grand piano keys team up to design the perfect vocal background a singer can ask for. Anders expresses his appreciation for that ‘one’ in this heart-felt record. His writting comes to life in this track and forms a positive message and vibe. Never building up to high, the instrumentation grasp your mind and his words holds tight to your emotions.

6. Notice (interlude) – Produced by S.L.M.N., this short 2 minute edict speaks to what is being Noticed and what is going missing. Anders speaks on his choices and his strive for success but wants his significant other to take Notice. Short but to the point, this interlude is on time and fits the collection of sounds perfectly.

7. On My Way – Is the last installment by Anders on 669. The production is gifted to Anders by LUCA and host a 90’s vibe with futuristic instrumentation. Anders talks his talk about the grind and growth that he is experiencing. The best way to end anything is on a good note, and seeing that Anders has been laying amazing notes throughout 669, ‘On My Way’ is an ideal way to close this door.

…. Listen To The Entire ‘669’ EP by Anders Above & Catch The ‘669’ Listening Event Recap Below, ENJOY ….


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