Fashion|@PlacesPlusFaces Get’s The Streets Ready For Fall/Winter


• Streetwear champions Places + Faces launch a breadth of a collection in their latest Fall/Winter 20217 series. Focused on preparation for the approaching cold season, Places + Faces offers a fluorescent-themed look surrounded by the Hong Kong alleyway set-up. This editorial inspired coverage showcases some of this season’s best designs on traditional garments.

This series is accompanied by a plethora of Varsity styled denim’s, Old English hoodies, pocket T-shirts, long-sleeve logo tees, work-shirts, caps, pouch bags, duffel bags and backpacks. Maintaining the momentum P+F’s curators, Ciesay and Soulz, continue to add spice to each season they design for. Diversity, strategy and persistence help keep trhis brand ahead of competition and on the fore-front of fashion transitions.

Check out the editorial above and head over to HBX to purchase the entire collection.

…. More Views Of Places + Faces’ HBX Editorial LookBook Below, ENJOY ….


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