Art| Watch This Installation Turn Selfies Into Gravel


• Now at the National Ethnographic Museum, is the latest technilogical art installation transforming selfies into gravel. Crafted by a Warsaw-based art collective dubbed Pangenerator, whom was summoned by the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw. The goal presented was to design something tha would take a look at teenage life.

Naturally these artist directed their creativity to the most appealing concept to teenagers, Themselves! Selfies played an instant role in the teams focus along with the inevitable experience of maturing and losing/shedding of old & unsupported files. “We naturally thought of selfie culture and played with this idea of preserving our images compulsively, contrasted with the fragility of data in a long run,” said the creatives, talking to Dezeen.

The installation is currently on show at the National Ethnographic Museum.

National Ethnographic Museum
1 Kredytowa street

ENJOY A Few More Views Of The Warsaw National Ethnographic Museum Below!


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