Music| @TheChainSmokers Get Nostalgic With New Video “You Owe Me”


Alex & Drew have been taking a different approach with their music lately, as they have come from behind the mixing board & into the vocal booth. They comfortably have transitioned from their renown EDM bases & have grown to producing more pop-styled records.

Drawing from childhood inspirations like Weezer & Ratatat, ‘You Owe Me‘ showcases music quos from late 90’s pop/rock. Growing into more of a universal sound, The Chainsmokers are developing not just in the production department but are truly flexing their song-writing abilities. The guys stated to us that “we feel compelled to continue to evolve and take creative risks with our music and challenge ourselves. It feels like a very natural progression to after Sick Boy and we got no intention of stopping anytime soon….”

The Rory Kramer directed video above was also a nostalgic rendition of the guys favorite film director Wes Anderson. The shot selection, vibe and color palettes of You Owe Me all resembled scenes shot by Wes. The true nature of the clean set up gives great way to the surprising ending. So make sure to watch the full video.

‘You Owe Me’ by The ChainSmokers is now available on Spotify & ITunes.

Watch “You Owe Me” By The ChainSmokers Above, ENJOY!

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