Design| @LEVERARC Designs A Flavorful Tasting Room on L’Angolo Estate


• Hailing frm Portland is architecture brand LEVER who has taken on the mission to design a relaxing modern tasting space on the renown winery L’Angolo Estate. The attempt to take inspiration from the amazing structure & color scheme that the vineyard offers was perfectly transposed into a delicate decor and elegant designing.

Many features surround this tasting space, but some of the most noted additions include it’s open floor plan, its wood glazing system surrounding 3/4ths of the venue. The space is expanding by the usage of the double sliding doors at the brightest side of this building. LEVER has given the building an understated aesthetic including brushed concrete, exposed wood and a statement fire place.

View The Entire LEVER Design At L’Angolo Estate Below, ENJOY!


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