Art| Mary MAry Gallery Debut’s Jonathan Gardner’s “The Spot Of The Eye” Exhibit


• Hailing from New York City, is artist Jonathatn Gardner, whom recently has plastered the walls of the Glasgow’s Mary Mary Gallery with his latest installation dubbed “The Spot Of The Eye”. Four years elapsed since the last viewing of Jon’s art at this specific gallery, but his return has been revered by all spectators.

The Spot Of The Eye‘ is Gardner’s focused project on ideas of abstraction, representation and the interior. Distortion through artistic devices like perspective, liner narrative & more helped Jon tell his tale. Utilizing oil paint on large canvases surrounding Gradner’s drawings are how these pieces came to life.  Elements such as figures, furniture, plants and paintings within paintings are featured within each piece.

The exhibit is available starting Today and closes March 24th. Visit Glasgow’s Mary Mary Gallery to get you Face-To-face of Jonathan Gardner’s Installation.

Mary Mary Gallery
51 Oswald Street
G1 4PA

Take A Full Look At Jonathan Gardner’s ‘The Spot Of The eye’ Exhibition Below, ENJOY!


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