Fashion| @CarharttWIP x @DoOrDie Kick It Together On Jiu-Jitsu Uniforms


• Workwear based brand Carhartt WIP teams up with big name retailer Hyperfly for an unusual collabortive offering. The two brands grab inspiration from the masterful Gi & workwear world for a functional & stylish Jiu-Jitsu Uniform collection.

Utilizing Carhartt’s tough duck canvas and strategic branding transforms these series of Kimonos and GIs into stylish sparring wear. Hyperfly has been known for their wide arrange of sportswear & athletic gear on their popular platform. Both brands are stricking at the right moment with Jiu-Jitsu films leading the box office such as Black Panther & Jon Wick. Society has become warmer to the studies and artistic qualities that this martial art form offers.  “YOU CAN’T TEACH HEART” is the slogan printed on the inner fold of each piece for the reminder of hard-work and consistency. Also accompanying this feature is the Carhartt-inflected American flag on the shoulder and “Carhartt WIP Squad” branding on the seams.

This series of re-worked Kimonos are offered in Black, Navy & Hamilton Brown retailing for $250 USD.

Carhartt x Hyperfly Jiu-Jitsu Series Look Book Is Above & More Pieces Below, ENJOY!


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  1. BILL says:

    It sounds so good! And I like how this Gi looks like. But I know that not so many sportsmen are able to show the same achievements. I mean that it sounds really prestigious to collaborate with a big brand. Unfortunately, this is not so common situation. A lot of sportsmen can only dream about such situation! In many countries fighters can’t even afford themselves a nice kimono and professional gym. Of course, they are trying to find a reliable sponsor but it is also not so easy. There are so many competitors in each kind of sport so it is difficult to get all necessary help. But there is always should be a hope. For example, recently in Abu Dhabi I met Ukrainian BJJ team. I was impressed by their technique. So we had a small talk with their talk and Ievgen said that a few years ago they got a new sponsor. Even though their sponsor is a center for human reproduction the Biotexcom they give a huge support to the team! This clinic is trying to develop the BJJ in Ukraine and I think it is awesome.

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