Design| Take A Full Look At ‘House With The Soaring Rock’ by SPASM


SPASM Design’s based out of India, has taken to the Indian plains for the ideal hilltop location for their latest installment described as the ‘House With The Soaring Rock‘. This house which is almost completely surrounded by grass, provides a panaramic view of this great architecture.

Some argue that the signature stand-out piece on this property is the four-ton rock that sits atop a long cantilever and is primarily responsible for the name. According to the architects of this house, the rock was simply added to spread the message “of liberation, of expanse,”, which is a theme noticed through-out the design of the house. Many amazing features accompany this larger than life size rock, such as a large pool,  a number of different terraces and decked out marble-based bathroom.

Take A Full Look Through The ‘House With The Soaring Rock’ Above, ENJOY!

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