Art| Ioaiao Unveils Gold & Marble “Nostalgia” Luxe Décor Collection


French artist Ioaiao recently debuted a series of designs meant to spruce up the decor around the house in a very lavish way. The luxe line is titled “Nostalgia” due to the array of childhood figures chosen for this marble & gold themed artitic capsule. Items close to Ioaiao’s heart such as his favorite pair of classic Nike Air Force 1‘s atop a shoe box, or a stack of LEGO‘s, and even a mable backboard with gold net & rim. Let’s not forget the all marble Mickey Mouse head and skateboard with golden trucks and wheels also accompany this release.

The entire collection are all based of Marble and adds touches of 24k gold. Ioaiao’s IG has all the details and more.

Take A Look At The Rest Of Ioaiao’s ‘Nostalgia’ Collection Below!




More Gold & Marble Supplies For The Home Below!

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