Music| @MoonLVNDVN Delivers With New Single “U Could Be Mine”

Unveiling his first single for 2020, New Jersey-based singer/songwriter LVNDVN is back with yet another theatrical performance with his newly released single “U Could Be Mine“. Recruiting longtime friend and producer Waresdanny, this cinematic single is just in time as the lover’s holiday is just around the corner.

LVNDVN does not steer away from his renown lewd lyrics he has become infamous for. His daring writing ability has captured his fanbase along with his angelic vocal set. The airy accompanist addresses this rapacious record with both confidence and couth. This middle tempo records predates LVNDVN’s more upbeat single “Streams” that ended the decade winter of 2019. With out missing a beat, LVNDVN maintains his mystery and surreptitious aesthetic in U Could Be Mine. His position as the better choice for a female in an unfavorable situation sits in his sights yet again. Another classic canzone is offered up by the career crooner.

Visit LVNDVN link to stream ‘U Could Be Mine’ on your favorite platform.

Take A Listen To ‘U Could Be Mine’ By LVNDVN Below!

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