Tech| A Glimpse At The First Flying Car Designed By @Jetson_Aero


 Jetson, a Swedish based tech-startup,  has designed a personal electric aerial vehicle that has a top speed of 63 miles per hour and eight electric motors that collectively generate 102 horsepower.

Dubbed the ‘Jetson ONE‘, this compact, futuristic-looking flying car is currently the only flying vehicle you can drive without a license. According to Federal Aviation Administration rules, “no pilot’s license is required to fly the Jetson, because it weighs less than 250 pounds and has a top speed of less than 55 nautical miles per hour,” CNET reported in an interview with Jetson’s founders Peter Ternström and Tomasz Patan.

The aluminum and carbon fiber vehicle, which is controlled via a three-axis joystick, takes off vertically and can run for a continual 20 minutes. It features safety precautions such as emergency controls, a ballistic parachute and the ability to still fly with the loss of one motor.

Jetson is currently accepting orders for Jetson ONE to be delivered in 2023, priced at $92,000 USD.

Take A Look At The Trailer Of The ‘Jetson ONE’ The First Flying Car Above!

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