Music| The Highly Anticipated & Soulful EP ‘Rapunzel’ by @Dhrvie Has Arrived


Not missing a step since his well-received video release of “Double Take” and last single “Stable Life”, the RCA supported artist Dhruv has finally unveiled ‘Rapunzel‘ to the world. The singer/songwriter detailed this project by stating “rapunzel is a scrapbook I’ve kept during a really important few years of personal growth,”. The sound and writing from this project gives great insight to the years of growth and experience Dhruv has been journeying through.

“The title is in reference to a lyric in the closing track, which talks about our childhood selves often being our least inhibited and truest selves. In many ways, I think this project is about me trying to find that version of myself.”

– Dhruv

Dhruv utilizes this 8-track EP to detail his story all while giving fans their favorite sounds from him including records such as “double take,” “airplane thoughts,” and even offers a new favorite “grateful” which was accompanied the EP release with a video out today. The true musician that Dhruv is has been awaiting this great chance to provide listeners with a full project to indulge in that is adorned in soothing production and covetous writing. Vocally, Dhruv is a soulful crooner who is melding cultures and sounds in true R&B fashion.

rapunzelTrack List

1.      retrograde

2.      moonlight

3.      double take

4.      airplane thoughts

5.      vulnerable

6.      what’s wrong with me?

7.      stable life

8.      grateful

Enjoy A Full Listen To Dhruv’s ‘Rapunzel’ Below and Watch ‘grateful’ Music Video Above!

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