Music| @Rellyski_ Offers New Single “Top Of The Morning” and Talks Music & More in New Interview


Motivation from music is a task many Hip-Hop artists face throughout their journey to becoming a household name and that’s no different for Opa-Locka, Florida artist Rellyski. The melodic lyricist is a rising act supported by Bad Habits/Atlantic Records, who has become the voice of his city and an influence on his generation. Relly’s youthful cadence doesn’t take anything away from his gritty story telling approach and this is evident in his newest single “Top Of The Morning“.

The Nash & JC produced track, ‘Top Of The Morning‘ is a sonically enticing record that showcases Relly’s passionate flow against an atmospheric backdrop and rhythmically inventive beat. This return from his debut single “Work It Out“, Rellyski has been focused and staying true to his craft as he has been locked in studio preparing even more momentum building music. Strictly meant to provide motivation, Relly describes ‘Top of the Morning’ as such:

“’Top Of The Morning’ is an encouraging song,” says Rellyski. “Not just for me but for the people listenin—wake up , get rolling, and get to the money.”


Last week, to learn more about this surfacing talent from Florida, we had the honor to have a conversation with Rellyski and ask a series of questions we know fans would appreciate. Here are some of the details from that conversation:

  • Describe Opa-Locka, Florida?

Opa-Locka is a small town next to big cities. We have our own influence and style but we pay alot of homage to the big cities around us like Miami.

  • Who are some of the biggest musical influences from Opa-Locka and any names who have influenced your sound?

Opa-Locka being a small town, so we gravitate to artists near by like Rick Ross, T-Pain, Kodak and other local artists who have made it big. Some of the names from here who have influenced me and my sound are big names like Rick Ross but also some forgotten gems like Brisco from Cash Money.

  • What are some things you take with you everywhere you go but it’s something only people from Opa-Locka would know of?

(Rellyski Laughs) … It’s not too much in terms of “things/items” that represent Opa-Locka but more our style and the things that mean a lot to us here. It can be simple things from, how we choose to wear our hats when we out and about to our favorite Chicken spot called ‘Hooks’. If anyone is out-of-town but really from Opa-locka, I will ask how far from Sherbondy Park do you live? Just give out landmarks everyone from my town has to know if you are really from there.

  • Let’s talk about your new single “Top Of The Morning” and what it means to you.

‘Top of the Morning’ is meant to be a motivational record that when you hear the music it makes you want to go after your dreams. This song is something you play while training for a sport or just waking up to get to the money.

  • In the song, you stated “I ain’t rapping for a fame or a chain, you da shit cause I’m trying to make change” … What are some changes in music and in life that you are pursuing?

Like most musicians I make music because I love it and live what I am writing but I want to make life changes through my art. Living better and opening doors for other talent from Opa-locka. The changes I want to make in music is to offer great music and still bring unique sounds. I feel like I am an answer for the question of “Is melodic rap dying out” and I’m here to keep that alive while telling real hard hitting stories.

  • Last year, you were ranked as “10 Maimi Artists To Know 2022” & we want to know what can your fans and new listeners look forward to from Rellyski in 2023?

More music for sure. I plan to keep the singles running up and prepare a little something special for the fans. I want to continue to be on the watch list of artists coming out of Florida period.

Stream Rellyski’s New Single “Top Of The Morning” Below!


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