Music| Alternative Artist @SamAustins Debuts His New Single “Oatmeal Pancakes”


Detroit, Michigan’s bred, LA raised musician Sam Austins, has returned to his listeners with a savory single he’s dubbed “Oatmeal Pancakes“. This soulful alt-R&B record is the latest offering from Austin’s forthcoming EP, Boy Toy due May 26th via Atlantic Records. The groundbreaking singer/songwriter/model and more, presents an infectious tune that is as soulful as it is experimental which provides the renowned Sam Austins affect.

Esteemed as a very personal record, when asked about the song, Austins shared these thought:

“‘Oatmeal Pancakes’ is a very special song to me on the ‘Boy Toy’ EP. It’s an ode to someone with whom I shared a classic night of emotional intimacy. It was a little blip of connection that, at the time, I needed. The moment was both fleeting and unforgettable. I remember spending time with her in a beach house, outside of LA, drinking red wine and listening to classic 90s records for hours into the morning. I actually almost called this song ‘New D’Angelo.’ The morning after, she had made a special breakfast for me. It’s my new favorite meal, caramelized bananas on top of oatmeal pancakes.”

– Sam Austins

Fueled by musicianship and value for vintage alternative influence, ‘Oatmeal Pancake’ is an out-right auditory delight. Sam maintains his grassroots approach to an enticing alternative record which he gains support from the production duo David Greenbaum & Kaleb Waterman. The bravado felt, which is introduced as soon as the record starts, is never compromised through-out the remainder of the song but in-turn is coasted on by Austins’ soothing cadence. The ting of R&B comes from the cooling vibes relayed during the hook and accompanied by the music break at the end of the record.

Playfully and artistic by design, Sam’s team designs an eclectic visualizer for fans to enjoy. Outside of the Boy Toy release date of May 26th, fans should also look out for Sam Austins’ upcoming performance dates of August 5-6th at Bleached Fest @ Waterfront Park in San Diego, California.

Stream Sam Austins’ New Single “Oatmeal Pancakes” Below & Watch The Official Visualizer Above!


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