Footwear| @adidas Announces Upcoming Release Dates for YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 “Earth”, “Flax” & “Tail Light”

With a simple promotional visual, we are learning from YEEZY MAFIA, that adidas is yet again gearing up a release based on their regional release strategy developed last year. This global release plan is prompted for a trio-release for the  adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2s.

According to the popular IG profile, the “Earth“, “Flax” and “Tail Light” colorways of the popular silhouette will be dropping in different regions throughout the month. The series begins with the “Tail Light” look set to release in Europe and Russia. This rendition is centered around bold high-vis orange stripe and heel tab at the rear. The more anticipated release is the “Earth” colorway is set for the Americas, while the “Flax” design is planned for the Asia Pacific and Africa.

Look for the adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 “Earth”, “Flax” and “Tail Light” to arrive at select retailers in the respective regions February 22.

Take A Look At The YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Collection From Adidas Below!

adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Earth Flax Tail Light Regional Release Dates Info Buy Price Where America Europe Russia Asia Pacific Africa

Footwear|@UNDEFEATEDinc x @Nike Unveil Their Nike Air Max 97 Collab


• Consistency is key, and the collaborative efforts from both designer brand UNDEFEATED and sneaker powerhouse Nike is an example of this expression. Internet chaos has stirred for weeks over their latest iteration of the Nike Air Max 97’s. The silhouette is formed of multiple fabrics and yet another addictive colorway. To compliment the all black upper is a green and red stripe finished with UNDEFEATED branding running across. Sticking to tradition, Nike’s Air bubble system is placed for excess cushion and support with the SWOOSH logo placed alongside and underneath the shoes.

Properly placed, these UNDEFEATED x Nike Air Max 97’s will released at select European retailers (such as BSTN) on September 21st. Once it lands on US soil it will be priced at $180 USD.

…. More Views Of UNDEFEATED x NIKE Air Max 97’s Below, ENJOY ….


Footwear| Check Out European Passport Inspired Collab of @Sneakerness x @MyAsics Gel-Lyte V’s


• Sneaker experts & design brand Sneakerness has teamed up with reputed running sneaker brand ASICS for an honorable rendition of the fan-favorited Gel-Lyte V‘s. Paying homage to the European’s sneaker conventions first use of the Japanese imprint, the two powerhouses teamed together to offer up yet another great style of the infamous sihlouette. Dubbed ‘Passport‘, this low-top runner shoe is drenched in a suede rich burgundy hue alongside a white sole and gum outersole. Adorned in Gold is the prevasive Tiger Stripes logo accompanied by the ‘ASCIS’ wording on the heel. To seal the deal, each pair is encased in a wooden box ethced withed the European outline and enclosed with two pairs of insoles: Bordeaux and white options embellished with colorful stamps.

Set to luanch September 9-10th, The Sneakerness x ASICS ‘Passport’ Gel-Lyte V’s will only have 100 units made world-wide. Catch these at the Sneakerness Paris convention.

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Music| Interview w/ @SeventhSounds of @AGO_Music


• Those of you who have been reading what we write here at GoodGarbs know that we have become fans of the brands, artist and events we post about. There is one music team that we have built a very close relationship with who go by the name #AGO. Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, this team of talent seems to continue to prosper and expand their exposure. Each one of the artist apart of AGO have a unique style, sound and following, but one of the artist is basically just a damn comedian. The Seventh is a childhood friend who we have been able to watch grow in many aspects and now is traveling the world delivering his message. The producer/rapper/stylist is one half of the latest CrossRoadTour that took place in Europe in the past months. Fresh from the plane, we were able to catch up with The Seventh to talk about the tour, his latest EP release, fashion and to hear some funny ass stories. Enjoy some updated music, videos, and the interview below. Visit @SeventhSounds


Interview w/ The Seventh

· Top three shoes you had to have packed during your Euro tour?

Ha good questions. I packed a pair of Nike SB’s, a Sperry Boat Shoe, and a recent favorite, the Addidas L.A Trainer. I also packed a pair of Nike Roshe, but i left those shoes in the hotel room in Hamburg :/ lol

· While in Europe what site/places/art pieces were you able to visit and draw inspiration from?

Of course I got to see things like the big ben in London plus roam around soho and check out the soho house.Got to see the Eiffel tower, from a far, but never the less, it didn’t take from the beauty of being able to seeing things like that in person. In Berlin, I got to see some displays featuring fragments of the berlin wall, I felt privileged to be able to once again, see a piece of history with my own eyes. Side note, I also go the chance to stop in and shop at a few record shops! I picked up some cool shit thats hella sample worthy and stuff that i personally like, experimental/psych rock, jazz, and some indie bands were amongst some of the selections.

· Describe Waldo’s energy when he is on stage?

He’s in his element when he’s up there on that stage, it’s the last piece to the whole package. His attitude and delivery on stage packs just as much punch as the Sango beats which often accompany him.

· This being your first EuroTour, what were some of the differences you felt from your fan base in Europe from those from your home fans?

The kids in Europe really know how to rage. Most importantly, they seem to have an appreciation for new music/future music. In comparison to America, I’d say they are more prone to give underground music a chance, where in America, the masses seem to care only when your on mainstream level.

· We noticed Amsterdam was the first stop … *clears throat* so were we #teamGoGreen while there?

Haha We were there for the Encore festival. I smoked as much weed as I could in Amsterdam lol. It was legal, so i took advantage, FULL advantage lol. Aside from baking my brain cells away, we managed to connect with some cool people, and catch a few performances from other artists who were there. There we’re a few other American artists apart of the festival, like Pusha T, Vic Mensa, Kid Ink and Ryan Leslie.

· Number 1 favorite song to perform live?

– Explicit content from Waldo’s project NSDE/OUTSDE, for sure. The kids go wild for that. We had to toss some kids off stage during the performance of that song in Paris lol.

· Favorite EuroTrip meal?

Man food service was the move throughout the tour lol. We ate veggie burgers when we saw opportunity too. We had some bomb ass sushi that got delivered to out hotel, that took the cake for sure!

· Tell us one funny #Crossroads story?

– Most of the funny stories are things that would ole fun at us. Like being lost, unable to communicate sometimes because of language barriers, having to adjust to driving on the other side of the road, chasing down taxis and franticly running through airports trying not to miss flights for next stops.

· Who sleeps less, You or Waldo?

– I sleep less. I’m the rare breed of both a night owl and the early bird…I thinks that what they call a vampire, right? lol

· Can we expect a AGO EuroTour soon?!

– Hell yea, sooner than later, fasho. Sango is still in school. I thinks safe for one to assume that once the stars align and the demand is there, an AGO tour with the whole crew is inevitable.

· What has the response to ‘SKYGOD’ EP been thus far?

It’s been a blessing. I feel horned to be able to drop a body of work like Skygod and reach almost a half a million hits. Im happy because when i was creating this project, I wanted to create something that was more honest as far as starting to share a lot more of circumstances i’ve been excised to in my life. Side A was def something I wanted to be clean and to the point. I think every track is different, so maybe thats why this project is receiving love from across the board.

 · When not performing in Europe what did you find yourself doing?

– A lot of building. We had a few interviews, one being on air w/ at BBC. We went and took a tour of the sound cloud headquarters. We also got the opportunity to record music on the road, which is always something we look forward to being able to do. Some of out friends brought recording equipment to our hotel in Paris, one of the songs we recorded that day was recently released…It’s called “Walking on Water” from Waldo, it’s the latest track that he released.

· What Do You want to do next/ What are you doing next?

– Next for me, I got some visuals on the way. a shit ton of new production and collabs on the way. and best believe Skygod side b is coming soon, fasho. I might even drop a mixtape before then. I have a solid concept for one, just depends on how it evolves if I’m going to release it lol.

Music & Event|AGO representatives Waldo & The Seventh “CrossRoadTour”

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• Once again amazing news is recieved from our close friends reigning from Grand Rapids, Michigan, the AGO squad. We are excited about the latest announcement of the “CrossRoadTour” with rappers/producers Waldo & The Seventh. These two overly talented individuals are debuting their skills live in EUROPE!!! These two will be blazing stages from Amsterdamn to Berlin, Paris and London. This is an amazing mive for these two microphone controllers from the cold city of Grand Rapids. They will be spending the beginning half of the fall touring these Europe cities and representing for the AGO team. We are expecting some amazing things from this tour so stay tune for updates and visuals. CONGRATS WALDO & THE SEVENTH!

Art |Ari Marcopoulos “Store Story”

Image of Dover Street Market New York "Store Story" by Ari Marcopoulos

~ Amsterdam born photographer/film maker, Ari Marcopoulos, hits Dover Street Market to get a artistic view of COMME des GARÇONS newest store. Marcopoulos started his career off as an assistant to the great Andy Warhol but most recently designed the cover art to rapper Jayz’s multiplatinum album, Magna Carter … Holy Grail. This imagery expresses the detailed work put into this expansive space & Ari gets personal with the DSMNY on the intended impression of their location & pieces as well. Ari Marcopoulos gives his favorite photographs, angles & visuals of what was to offer. With apperances from many high-end socialites, artist & celebrities like Pharrell Williams, this debut was everything a classic photographer could want.

Image of Dover Street Market New York "Store Story" by Ari Marcopoulos

Image of Dover Street Market New York "Store Story" by Ari Marcopoulos

 Image of Dover Street Market New York "Store Story" by Ari Marcopoulos

Image of Dover Street Market New York "Store Story" by Ari Marcopoulos

Image of Dover Street Market New York "Store Story" by Ari Marcopoulos

Image of Dover Street Market New York "Store Story" by Ari Marcopoulos

Image of Dover Street Market New York "Store Story" by Ari Marcopoulos

Image of Dover Street Market New York "Store Story" by Ari Marcopoulos

Image of Dover Street Market New York "Store Story" by Ari Marcopoulos

Image of Dover Street Market New York "Store Story" by Ari Marcopoulos

Fashion | Wood Wood Summer/Spring 2014 Collection

~ Wood Wood is a Danish Brand that has just released their Summer/Spring 2014 collection entitled “Utopia”. This collection was a dedication line to the history of France and the French Revolution and a sign for new change to come from the recent issues in Europe. Wood Wood usesprints of ageless marble and stone this gives a contemporary artist feel to each item. Enjoy the looks.

Music | Tom Arden


Tom Arden comes from one of the worlds most beautiful places on Earth, Spain. Known for its beautiful structures, monuments, & landscapes but it’s what’s going on underground that has Tom Arden in bright lights. Today he is a renown name in many EDM lovers homes, but he a had humble startup from small night clubs & simple house parties. Tom Arden continued to pursue his passion for DJ’ing from the early age of 18, & fell in love with the high tempo, heavy bass vibes that House/EDM offered. Soon he would be hosting huge parties & festivals all over Europe. His persistence has now lead his sound to the west side of the world & hit the ears of the GoodGarbs team! Releases like “Reasons” feat. Swedish vocalist, Ludvig Eklöf has taking his sound around the world & back again. Tom is a talent that we must all watch out for cause he will def be at a Festival near you!

Tom Arden & GoodGarbs had a great interview that you can read at the RoundTable Talk Page. Visit, Read & Learn more.