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Filson Dry Bag Collection 6

• In fashion today accessories can almost make the outfit and for those who seek to remain fashionable but live the hikers lifestyle there is an accessory line for you. As backpakers ourselves, we at Goodgarbs have stumbled across a brand that keeps fashion and convenience close together.

Filson Dry Bag Collection 3

 Filson‘s Dry Bag collection is one of the newest innovative designs for travel. These are lightweight, durable, and stylish bags that can protect your stuff in just about any situation. The Dry Messenger bag ($140), for instance, is made from 18-oz. vinyl-coated polyester and features a roll top with hook-and-loop tab, adjustable buckle straps that cinch down on the sides, an adjustable shoulder strap, and a water-resistant zip front pocket.

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Lifestyle & Food| Watch Episode 3 of Action Bronson’s ‘F*ck, That’s Delicious’

• VICE‘s food channel Munchies is back with a new episode of F*ck, That’s Delicious featuring chef-turned-rapper Action Bronson. Arriving in the UK for episode three, the rapper shows us around his favorite restaurants, which include a vast array of international cuisine thanks to London’s multi-ethnic population. From his own concoction “white trash bruschetta,” to Chinese BBQ pork buns and Nigerian home cooking, Bronson tastes the world without ever having to leave Old Blighty and He Raps.


Movie|Watch the Official Trailer for ’50 Shades of Grey’

• We have all heard and/or read one of the worldwide publishing phenomenons that certainly satisfied more than just a few people’s deepest and darkest fantasies, the adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey now has a trailer. With 100 million copies of the book sold, newcomer Jamie Dornan plays Christian Grey while Dakota Johnson fills the role of Anastasia Steele – all the while framed by a remix of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love.” Fifty Shades of Grey premieres February 11, 2015.


Fashion & Film |Watch Hotel 1171′s “Cruel Summer” Video

• Los Angeles lifestyle brand Hotel 1171 has released a visual celebration of their favorite season with the short “Cruel Summer.” Created by Hotel 1171′s Brett Baldwin and artist/director Charles Bergquist, the video stars model Cassy Gerasimova and doesn’t focus on a particular product or collection. Instead it acts as an ode to the great Californian summer, honoring creative freedom and doing what you love.


Music| Watch the Official Music Video for Pharrell’s “Come Get It Bae” featuring Miley Cyrus

• Man of the Moment Pharrell Williams continues to dominate the pop-culture zeitgeist with the official music video for “Come Get It Bae.” The first half of the video features the musician behind the camera, mesmerized by the models as they dance simply to his clap-heavy track, before things take a noticeable turn with Miley Cyrus‘ entry. Seemingly lured into her charm, Pharrell joins his stars on the makeshift dance floor to finish off the followup to last year’s smash hit, “Happy.”


Fashion| Lanvin Fall/Winter 2014 Video Campaign

Lanvin follows in the footsteps of so many fashion houses at the moment and creates its own video for its Fall/Winter 2014 ad campaign. It’s the second installment of their advertising campaign, and like the first, it consists of the entire family of Edie Campbell, as well as the model herself. Filmed and edited by Guy Stephens, the Campbell crew are all dressed in clothes, shoes and accessories taken from the label’s upcoming Fall/Winter 2014 line. Stick around for a surprise appearance from Mr. Alber Elbaz himself.


Music| Watch a 19-Year-Old Kanye West Rap at Fat Beats

Here is a little #MondayMotivation for all aspiring rappers, musicians, actors, producers, or whatever it is you seek to become. Some old school footage of a 19-year-old Kanye West rapping at NYC’s Fat Beats record store was leaked recently. It’s easy to forget his origins as at the moment he might be more well known for his latest collection with A.P.C. than his rap beginnings, but this clip reminds us of his talents that brought him into the rap world. He steps up to the mic at the opening of New York City’s Fat Beats record store back in 1994 and gives a talent-filled performance in front of many rap names like Nas and delivers with a verse that includes a reference to Alanis Morrisette and a traditional Yeezy-style line, “It ain’t original because I stole it from the future.” ENJOY!


Lifestyle & Event|Massive Slip-N-Slide Down A San Francisco Street

• The other day to enjoy the summer a few friends gathered to enjoy a vigorous game of “Wii-Bowling” girls vs. guys challenge. After taking a pretty bad beating from the girls team, my team mate looked an said “Step Your Game Up!”. My response was “No Step Your Life Up!”. After making that statement the video above was shown immedaitely after as a boost of ambition for how summer should be spent. YouTube sensation Devin Super Tramp and his crew took their $85,000 cameras to the streets of San Francisco recently and got wet and wild with a few dozen thrill seekers. Take a massive tarp, some soft rubber padding underneath, and a classic San Fran hill closed off to traffic, and you’ve got the makings for one very entertaining day. Just as impressive as the setup though is the daredevil photography to capture it all. It’s an impressive piece of marketing for Bear Naked Granola, which probably tasted really good after the 12th trip back up the hill.


Fashion|Watch Adrianne Ho Model the Nike x Riccardo Tisci Collection

• The second collection from Riccardo Tisci‘s collaboration with Nike is finally dropping and a great visual was released yesterday. An amazing trailer video of the calf-high version of the sneakers, modeled by none other than Adrianne Ho, who previously showed off the Nike x Pigalle collection. Styled with the accompanying exclusive R.T x Swoosh black T-shirt, which has been cut off so as not to hide Ho’s impressive abs. Cop the footwear yourself from July 17 at MR PORTER.


Lifestyle|Undress Me – 20 Strangers Undress One Another,Film by Tatia Pilieva

• In the paste we have presented films about human interaction in some very unorthodox ways. First was First Kiss, a short film by filmmaker Tatia Pilieva, where 20 strangers meet, said hello and engaged in an acquired but exciting ‘First Kiss’. Next was The Slap, which was sort of a parody by filmmaker Max Landis capturing 40 strangers giving each other a good slap across the face. Both experimented with human interaction at a high anticipated level, but that bar just rose another level.  Tatia Pilieva is back to present “Undress Me“, which displays 20 strangers undressing one another in the name of science and embarrassment. As most would expect the nerves of each participant were out of control for the most part, but you can clearly start to see who was a pro and who was new to this action. When finally reveiled some sat in an aquired “AW” while others took advantage of this opportunity and engaged in further reveiling. Kissing, touching, exploring and rediscovery all took place at the filmming of this series. Another great job done by Tatia Pilieva.


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