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Fashion & Event| Street Style of AfroPunk Fest 2014

• One of the most eccentric festivals of the year happens in New York City and brings out all the Big Apples artsy individuals for great music, amazing food and afropunk vibes from all over. AFROPUNK has made a great name for itself due to its unique selection of artist, gritty venue choice and of course the most outgoing crowd any promoter/planner could ask for. Leather punks, bohemian Goddesses, bright-haired gals and skater babes — this year, Brooklyn’s Afropunk Festival proved once again that its punkers have the best style ever. With shows from SZA, Shabazz Palaces, Princess Nokia, Juliana Huxtable and more, the event saw some of NYC’s best dressed kids come out for the weekend. Even though there were several large name artist performing, the style given by the audience always makes for a great review. Some familiar faces graced the crowd like eyewear designers CoCo & Breezy. Check out the sui generis styles and diverse designs that were displayed last weekend.


  1. Very interesting. I can’t related to everything, but can’t knock it either. Art is beauty in the eyes of the beholder, an expression of ones past and current being. Trying to capture what the future may hold. Just my opinion…

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