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• There’s only one thing more satisfying than tracking down the perfect wardrobe addition—keeping it perfect for more than a few wash cycles. MR. BLACK was founded by two friends who wanted their selvedge jeans to stay… well…selvedge blue. Beginning with their world-first Denim Refresh spray—designed to attack surface dirt and bacteria, keeping jeans fresh without the need for harsh machine washing—the Australian company’s range has been expanding ever since. In stores from August 1, the complete MR. BLACK GARMENT ESSENTIALS™ collection builds on this concept, offering two simple tactics for extending the life of your clothes.

MR. BLACK GARMENT ESSENTIALS™ Refresh sprays and Wash products are available in pairs customised for den-
im, cotton and linen, wool and cashmere, delicates, sports clothes and shoes. With dedicated Wash formulations for white, dark and regular loads as well as a gentle leather cleaner, it’s a complete solution for people who truly love their clothes.

Water Wise

Designed to help you wash less, MR. BLACK GARMENT ESSENTIALSTM Refresh products can significantly re- duce your weekly water consumption—not to mention your dry cleaning bill.

Natural and Biodegradable

Not only do fewer washes mean less detergent down the drain, but MR. BLACK products also replace harsh chemicals with natural, plant-based biodegradable ingredients—helping you to do your bit for the earth as well as your clothes.

Ethically Developed

Never tested on animals, MR. BLACK products are 100% Australian made and owned. Colour Safe First developed with raw denim in mind, MR. BLACK’s unique enzyme-free Wash formulations protect against discolouration, fading and bleeding—in dark as well as vividly coloured garments.

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