Music| Listen to AbJo’s New EP “Vibração Comigo (Vibe With Me)”

The Midnight Kid
your neighborhood beat crafter, sound selector, and midnight miscreant. at your service...

•AbJo is a San Diego based, Soulection  supported producer who accompanies a list of talent but due to his unique samples and heavy bass drops along with his head full of dreads, AbJo stands out. He has been in the producing game for years and has an undeniable world wide fan base. The talent that AbJo has acquired has been sought after by many names and a collection of up and coming producers have collaborated with the AbJo sound.

AbJo has just released a instrumental EP titled “Vibração Comigo (Vibe With Me)”, that features some of AbJo’s favorite Brazilian musicians and sounds. The six track EP holds your attention from beginning to the end and gives so much of the Brazilian sound and culture. The trend of culture mixing is one that artist are picking up on but few can maser it the way AbJo has been able too. Enjoy The Stremed EP below and also visit AbJo’s blog Potholes in My Blog.

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