Music| Listen to New EP ‘This Is What The Moon Sounds Like’ by Maryann


• According to our friends at A Poor House, we haven’t been listening to good music til we listen to the “Bae God” aka Maryann.. Lol @ “Bae God”. This seductive songstress has the amazing ability to combine the new age sounds of electric music and the heart felt tones of R&B and mesh them perfectly together. Her EP is proof of this young ladies great talent.

With the help of her producer Sbvce, Maryann has defined a new genre she has dubbed ‘BedRoomTrap’, which is such an attractive genre name. Her vocal capability and the dedicated editing and production by Sbvce makes for a great collaboration and has produced a dope EP. If these are the Sounds of the Moon, then these sounds are so Down to Earth. Pun intended.  Stream The EP Below and Enjoy These Sounds.

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