Fashion| Preview @ShanghaiTang Men’s A/W 2015 Collection

AW15 campaign visual

• Always delivering the best in quality and design is Hong Kong based high fashion brand Shanghai Tang, who has yet again curated a masterful collection for the Autumn/Winter season. The brief visual above from a Fashion Week showcase details the collections premier pieces which received some upscale enhancements such as their cardigans, blazers, pull-overs, and jackets. Giving the history of the brand and their relationships with fabric retailers, Shanghai Tang resorts to some of the finest in fabrics to add to this collection. Cashmere, Wool, Lattice, and many Poly Blend features are showcased in the collection. Dressing like a gentleman or a lavish lady is not all about brands, but Shanghai Tang is one brand name that has built their legacy of the fine collaboration of Chinese artistry and the fabrics and materials that their land provides. Pinpointing some of their favorite features are their Wool Blend Double Face Blazer, which single button closes after the jacket is meet completely with both wings extended along with the lapel. Fit to the individuals unique build, the blazer is meant to not simply drape over the body but is tailored to meet all the intricate corners and turns in the build of the carrier. Continuing with the Wool fabric use, is the Wool Polyamid Quilted Tech Blazer, which is featured as the second blazer in the “Shop The Runway” video above. This blazer choice is crafted with buttons that descend from the very collar line of the blazer to the conclusion of the jacket, but left with a subtle opening. Made from hi-tech wool blend fabric, this diamond quilted jacket is perfect for those who demand both style and convenience. Another highly anticipated piece debuted on the runway is the Quilted Blouson w/ Self Leather Ribs in a soft cognac color. Fashioned from butter soft leather, the ribbed hem and cuffs, made from the same leather, are chic details.

Many additions accompany the features above and many of Shanghai Tang’s outfits are built for modern gentleman. After enjoying the ‘Shop The Runway’ video visit the site to find some of the best in fabric and Chinese styled designs set for any occasion of gathering.

“Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.” —Arthur Ashe, Professional Tennis Player


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