Music| Sango Announces Da Rocinha 3 Release & Drops A Single

• Paying attention to time is a skill set the AGO squad has well established and with that ability these guys are very aware of music placement. Sango, Soulection’s golden child, is one component of the AGO team who has a large enough cult-like fan base to where when his music drops …. Oh it matters. Known for his supremely popular EP series Da Rocinha & Da Rocinha 2, Sango has placed his fans on a rehab style restraint for the highly anticipated #3 edition if this culture shaping musical series. Just recently, way of record label Soulection, was the sigh of releif reporting for the official release date for Da Rocinha 3! November 10th ladies and gents is the day where Brazilian cultural icons most memorable works will get remixed with 808’s & American favorite R&B and pop tracks. Sango has mastered the recreation of vibes and musical infusion of different genres. To give fans a sample Sango turned to trusted Soundcloud to release a single from the upcoming project.

Dubbed “Agorinha” (in Portuguese translates to “Just Now”) this hard-hitting, bass heavy track maintains the reputation that the previous hits like “Me dê Amor” & “Vai Vai“. Sango undoubtly has educated indie fans and artist on how to properly refix tracks while paying homage to the origin. These musical lessons continue on November 10th, but for now enjoy Agorinha below & stay tuned for updates.


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