Music| @KRNEmusic New Single “Movin” Gets Listeners Doing Just That

• Flames went up and Soundcloud caught a full blazing fire, the moment that Oakland based producer  KRNE released his latest high energy track “Movin“. Meant to do exactly that, this futuristic trap track pays homage to that 70’s Billy Joel while maintaining his trance related sound. Growing his fanatic fan base, KRNE never steers to far away from his unique and inspiring material.

‘Movin’ begins with a cinematic 70’s piano loop that sets the tone for the rest of the track. As soon as the beat breaks, the multitude of trap instrumentals join in and propel this track into a hyper-sphere full of energy and organized musical mayhem. Synth chords are rested comfortably on top of the tight rhythm and chopped vocals placed subtlety in the background. The track is persistent in delivery even when the track silences and rises again. Overall the genius that is KRNE is shown once again through yet another instrumental hit.



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