Art| Artist We Expect At 2016 @ArtBasel Miami ft. @Jaywestart @KingSaladeen & @Club_BUM

• From Art exhibition to one of the biggest social festivals in America today, Art Basel Miami has seen many transitions since it’s early starts 14 years ago. Magazines, Galleries, Film Studios and many more mediums that partake in the art culture, travel from all over to showcase the latest works from Artist abroad. Featured renown brands/galleries like ARTSY, PCNY, Herald St Gallery, CRG, Blum & Poe, and many more curated platforms that allowed infamous artist to come and share. With now a +30k participant event, Art Basel Miami is an artistic social haven that is swarmed by media, entertainers, socialites and athletes who travel for the women, weather and contemporary styled art by some amazing talents. Art Basel Miami 2015, has just passed (December 2015) and we have been doing our annual recaps, but notice some revered names (to us that is) were missing off the artist list. Not Cool. There is a list of artist we feature because of the popularity surrounding their works, but then there is a listing of respected artist in our immediate circle. This selection consist of artist we expect to see at Art Basel 2016.

In this Unique list of artist we have King Saladeen, Jay West, and Justin ‘Club_BUM’ Gilzene. Each one of these artist have made a major impression in the Art Culture, but also have found success and recognition in other genres like Music, Fashion and more. This list compromises artist that have established a responsive audience of fans and followers, and most have been featured at pronounced Art festivals. This upcoming 2016 Art Basel, we want to see these artist headlining and over promoted. Much competition stands in their way, but if we know them the way we assume to, we expect them to climb new hieghts and answer all challenges. Now Here Is Our List:

King Saladeen, is an artist we have featured here before, but it has been a while since we have updated readers on the many great achievements that Sir Saladeen encountered in 2015. Even though King Saladeen is on this list, do not get confused, the young painter was present at Art Basel 2015. Hosting his own stage and featuring his own works, Saladeen was quiet popular at this past Art Basel. Murals, portraits and random fashion pieces captured the styling and details that King Saladeen has become renown for. The popular ‘designer defacing’ of luxury cars and clothes has become a niche that Saladeen has blossomed in. Chanel Bags, Maison Martin Margiela & Tom Ford shoes, NYC Venues and Bugatti Cars are just a few of Saladeen’s high-end designs featuring his “Fuzzy Bear” image. In 2015, King was able to bless up, and was seen all over curating images that will last. For example, Sir Saladeen painted a mural on the Andaz Hotel Doors @ the 5th Avenue Location, did a ton of detail on bags from Louis Vuitton & even seen a pair of Yeezy Boots feature “Fuzzy Bear”. With plenty of 2016 left to fill-in, we are positive King Saladeen will be a consistent feature at major art related events/festivals, but Art Basel 2016 is the stage for Saladeen. Watch some quick footage of King Saladeen curating the Andaz Hotel Door Mural.

• Harlem raised him, the canvas inspired his style & the paint brush brought his ideas to life. Friend & Family, Jay West is next on our list of Must See Artist for 2016 Art Basel Miami. Jay is no stranger to success and new heights in the industry. Good friends and neighborhood homies, Jay West and A$AP Ferg grew up together and even went to the same art school. Harlem, Greek Mythology, Women, Great Spirits and High Fashion are just a few inspirations one may notice when gazing at a classic Jay West piece. As brilliant as he maybe at the canvas, he matches it with his wit behind the fashion drawing pen. Similar in nature, Fashion and Art mix like a proper Long Island, and Jay West has dabbled in both. Clothing and Lifestyle brand AlMighty7 was curated by yours truly and has become  closet classic for many distinguished gentlemen. Check out Jay doing his thing at VFiles studio in New York City below.

Justin Gilzene, New York based artist, was first introduced to us at the Harlem Haberdashery 2nd Annual Masquerade Ball & Charity Event at the Harlem Hospital last February. The young talent was set at the very top of the steps painting a rendition of the classic leading characters of the renown comedy “Harlem Nights“. His playful use of colors and images made him a hit at the event, and an artist we became a true fan of. Known as Club_BUM, Justin has made great use of his childhood memories and have drafted them into his collection of paintings. He tends to use the paint medium to tell his stories and lead minds back to the amazing Disney days of our youth.  Taking time to utilize fashion as well, Justin has most recently designed fashion pins as his offering to the industry. Even though he has taken his eye off the canvas for a split second, Mr. Gilzene is predicted to have a very prosperous 2016 as he will be taking on more Galleries, Festivals and in-home murals. His fan-base of art connoisseurs has only expanded and we see Art Basel sending this young man an invitation this year. Below, we get and in-depth conversation about Justin’s inspirations, art history and more. ENJOY!

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