Music| “Miloh Baby Two” The Re-Introduction of @MilohSmith

• Small hiatus’ can provide great return if the time is used wisely, and Miloh Smith is obviously a wizard with time management. The young Atlanta singer/lyricist began her journey in 2013-2014 (Pulp Fiction) and continued her pursuit to make her 2015 hit track “Pretty Dirty” feat OG Maco, which did great numbers and video landed on MTV. The surreptitious songbird has taken measured choices in her career and music, making her a highly sought-after talent. Instead of jumping ahead of herself, Miloh took to the pen and pad, and remained in the lab to continue curating. Now we have it! Her return in “Miloh Baby Two“, which if you are a real Miloh Smith fan you would know is a re-cap to her outro piece dubbed “Miloh Baby” from her ‘Suite 404‘ EP. Fans, critics and pure music listeners …. Have at it!

Enjoy the potent Canadian production from Rich Kidd maintained by the audio wizardry of AGO Music’s The SevenTH. Reminisce off into a time where rap was rigorous, uncut and demanding. For this to be the return of an outro track, Miloh, once again chose wisely to release this as her single for upcoming EP titled ‘Deer“. The off-tempo intro makes second guessing possible, but Miloh’s intoxicating tone and clasping cadence infused with wordplay for days, makes this record repeatable. The second verse is when she takes off. For many, Miloh is known for her singing but this makes the message clear that she is multi-talented to a high degree.

The Return is official and the EP has been announced. As we wait, this release is one that we can hold too and enjoy. We will keep you updated on ‘Deer‘ EP and More From Miloh!


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