Music| #5 Indie Music Videos That Should Be On Your Timeline

Most Of Us by IceEdwards presented by Modern Outfit captures the raspy lyricist in a trippy visual for his jazzy-trap record. Speaking on his day-to-day activities, Ice displays is melodic ability, his unique flow and even a few dance moves. Shot by Mr. CD Thomas, Most Of Us maintains a dark silhouette but brings light to this dope Indie rapper who is on our watch list of Up & Comers.

Drown by Dazed is visually captivating and sonically alluring. The New Jersey based American Rock band showcased this video and their sound to the world in a classic way. Story-telling through visuals are uncommon but Dazed captured the tale of Drown perfectly in this video. A love story meshed with suspense and anticipation, this video showcases a summer-love track and great filming.

On My Way by Reo Cragun scales the visual ability of the Indie talent of today. Taking to nature for his surrounding, Reo delivers an amazing visual displaying the young 21-year old talent in the mountains and forest. The song speaks of his triumphant climb to a place he has been trying to get to for some time. Debuting this as his first major Single, Reo makes a clear name for himself with this release.

Youth by The Get Money Squad pays homage to the joys of being young, daring and full of excitement. Captured and played backwards, The Get Money Squad showcases their latest single for their Upcoming album with a grasping visual. Starring the Indie Rock bands lead singer, we view the celebration of Life, Youth and Getting To The Money!

Crem De La Crem by Belve is a trippy video featuring our good friend from AGO The SEVENth. This classic rap record, produced by The SEVENth is from Belve’s debut self-titled album and plays as the second leading single from Belve. Shot in the suburbs of Michigan, we capture Belve and 7th getting into typical rapper living as they trap, dap and chill through out this visual.


…. Watch All The Visuals Above, ENJOY ….

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