Fashion| WayWard London Releases New Skate Video & F/W LookBook

WayWard London decided it was a great idea to not only share their latest Fall/Winter Lookbook but also debut their ewest skateboard video to accompany. In classic skate documenting fashion, a team of boarders take to the London streets to rip, grind, alley, and more across the busy city landscape. Throughout the visual, you catch glimpses of the fashion brand’s latest pieces.

For the Fall/Winter collection, the series is full of T-shirt’s and hoodies all  emblazoned with prescription-themed graphics, such as pill bottles, tablets and Wayward London’s signature logo design. Playful color usage, premier cotton fabrics and a great eye for graphic design help make this short collection so appealing. We prescribe that you visit WayWard London‘s webstore to get yours.

Check Out The Full Skate Video Above and View The Entire Collection Below, ENJOY!


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