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Music| @DaveEast Drops Nostalgic Visual w/ @wizkhalifa in “Phone Jumpin”


• Paying homage to a musical OG, Dave East and the Triangle Offense Team mastermind a prototype video to Busta Rhymes‘ 1998 “Gimme Some More” hit record. Fresh from his debut release, East has been buzzing insanely this past year. With 2018 just around the corner, Dave wisely utilzies a hit reord from the album ‘Paranoid: A True Story’.

“Phone Jumpin” featuring Pittsburgh’s own Wiz Khalifa, has a wild sample of the ’98 record from FlipMode’s head hancho Busta Bust! Sampling the masked dancers from the ‘Put Your Hand Where My Eyes Can See’, wild camera angles like in ‘Gimme Some More’, and all-around wild nature that Busta Rhymes symoblized, Dave East and marketing wizard/manager Wayno formulate a great concept. The Mass Appeal artist tranposed the late 90’s hit into a more modern day rendition that still captizates and tantilizes. Directed by  Sebastian Sdaigui & Fidel Ruiz-Healy, this visual is energetic and artistic like many of Sdaigui & Ruiz-Healy previous projects. Go Download ‘Phone Jumpin‘ today!



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