Accessories| @CarlFriedrik Surfaces With Earth-Tone ‘Fango’ Series


• UK-based luxury bag craftsmen at Carl Friedrik have returned with a new accessory series dubbed ‘Fango‘ titled after the earth tone featured on the leather bag, wallet and briefcase collection.

Carl Friedrik’s lead designer and spokesman Mattis Opperman informs us that “Fango is an earth-toned alternative to our traditional colour options, and sits between brown, grey and green. With it’s unique hue the products are eye-catching yet surprisingly versatile. Whether it’s light jeans or tailored suits, Fango accentuates your outfit without overpowering.”. The series features 7 signature pieces such as their Laptop bag, three wallet styles, a leather portfolio, & two briefcase styles.

Known for their continous ability to deliver product that is wearable & versitile, Carl Friedrik is ideal for building a stylish collection of accessories.

Take A Full Look At Carl Friedrik’s ‘Fango’ Collection Below, ENJOY!


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