Design| Take A Walk-Thru @KanyeWest YEEZY Studio In Calabasas


Kanye West has demanded much attention lately, but please understand that Knaye has been thoroughly working on buildng his YEEZY brand. Miantaining his creative momentuem, Kanye West takes to Calabasas, California to place his YEEZY headquarters. This two-story 14,390 square-foot office space with a ’70’s aesthetic is designed to be used as a design and production space as well as a music studio.

Artistic quos come from eras such as brutalism, utilitarianism, and postmodernism, in terms of design and aesthetic. Kanye West’s collaborator Willo Perron spoke on the new HQ facility by saying ““It’s about looking at the mundane things of every day and re-appropriating the strip mall of re-contextualizing things that we once thought of as ugly.” Additional interior features include black-stained wood walls, large bookshelves, custom-made monochromatic furniture and polished concrete floors.

View The Entire YEEZY HQ Below!


images credit: Pin-Up / Photographer Nicolas Cope

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