News| The Many Lessons Learned from “Tha Great” @NipseyHussle

Tragic news froze the entire internet yesterday as LA rapper and business pioneer, Nipsey Hussle was fatally shot outside of his most recently purchased ‘Crenshaw‘ store front. The 33 year old musical artist and business tycoon was more then music but a community role model and influence to a generation who is in deep need of positive direction. Nipsey’s music drew a crowd but his methodology of hustling for everything you have is what many hold on to the most. He was a teacher more then a lyricist but for those of you who have not heard his music, his content is worth tuning in. Today you will find many playlist submerged in the South Central artist’s sound and message along with timelines saturated in favorited quotes and lyrics. We want to focus on something we believe will truly keep this legend’s memory alive and won’t let his death go in vain. We want to share the many lessons that Nipsey embodied through-out his music, interviews but mostly through his actions.

Ascending from the hardships of gang-plagued communities, financial deprivation and negativity at every corner, Nipsey decided not to make excuses but push forward. His focus on growth resonated throughout his music but his personal investment choices truly told his story. We are going to uncover 7 Money & Ownership lessons we have learned from the examples left from The Great Nipsey Hussle. We will sprinkle in favorite lyrics and essential songs that relate to the many gems Nipsey has become renown for.


  1. ON HUSTLENOMICS: You learn all the secrets to the game on your way up. Most folk want to skip the process when you skip steps, you miss the lessons.
  2. TURN UP vs. OWN UP: It isn’t cool to be in the club spending all of this money, or having cars and jewelry – but you don’t own any real estate? a fourplex? if the answer is no, you’re not a real hustler.
  3. ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The new mindset is we don’t want advances, we want equity. “We don’t want 1-off endorsements, we want ownership
  4. BLACK CAPITAL: Biz models are built around our cultural currency. They develop the platform, implement structure & bring us in to raise value.
  5. ON BREAKING THE CHAINS: Own the supply chain from production to consumption. People take shots at Jay-Z but he’s the first Black artist to have a vertically integrated bi model where he owns the whole chain.
  6. ON CREATING VALUE: I released 100 mixtapes and charged $1000 for each because I understood the economic principle of scarcity. The profit funded my independent label.
  7. ON OWNING REAL ESTATE: I own the block where I used to hustle from 8am to 10pm. I hustled, then I rented now me and David Gross will own Crenshaw.
A Short List Of Business Investments That Nipsey Supported!
  • VEZT :: This next level blockchain technology is built to give power to artist over the usage of their royalties and making royalty income transparent to artist and their investors.
  • The Marathon Clothing :: This was the corner-stone of Nipsey’s early hustling days turn and do a full 180 degree turn around to him buying the plaza he would hustle from. This also incorporated his real estate concept and approach.
  • Cryptocurrency :: The highly buzz worth currency market that went viral gained the attention of Nipsey and even gained some financial love from the rapper.

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