Music| @RU_AreYou Takes His March #BeatADay & Creates ‘Butterfly’ Beat Tape

Our friend RU AreYou brilliantly offers up a quick beat tape gathered from yet again another #BeatADay series. For the month of March, RU returned to the MPC for a daily routine of beat making and in turn has developed his latest EP ‘Butterfly‘. Utilizing his social media to document the process, Butterfly is engineered to tell the full story in a cohesive project. This 31-track EP is filled with real-life samples, features from a list of talented artist and unique production. Unlike past #BeatADay series, instead of posting the record at the end of the day via Soundcloud, RU takes to major streaming to release his collection. Click Here to chose from your favorite platform to tune in.

Take A Full Listen To ‘Butterfly’ A Beat Series By RU AreYou Below!

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