Music| Soul Singer @WADEIGuess Gets Things “Off The Ground” With New Single

Alabama breed an often known as Cappuccino Cain, Wade Brown has become a surfacing sensation in the R&B world as his strong vocal set demands attention and his pen game remains top notch. Wade continues to prove his writing worth with his latest release “Off The Ground“. This soulful record is filled with all the requirements to be labeled as soul music from the deep bass line to the grasping harmonies.

Wade gives us southern church choir vibes as he leaves “Off The Ground” rife with rich riffs and runs over one of the arguably smoothest grooves anyone can find. In this single, Brown is passionately inquiring about the loyalty from his love one if he choses to get serious and take things to another level. The song hits home for a question many share when realizing they may have found their special someone.

Wade Brown is building up for a heavy campaign for a highly anticipated project. ‘Off The Ground’ is his second single in the last few weeks which let us know we should be getting a whole experience soon. This record is definitely a great bookmark for the young singer for now.

Take A Listen To Wade Brown’s New Single “Off The Ground” Below!

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