Music| @TheAfr0dite Shares Details of Her #MCM On Single “Ready Freddie”

Queens, New York soulful songstress The Afr0dite has no hesitation in explaining her desires for the one she wants in her heated new single. Returning from her previous release of Perpetual Summer, Afr0dite teases listeners with a brief ballad offering up a seductively suggestive song dubbed “Ready Freddie”.

The classical cadance songstress cascades this Rich Gerald production with a series of racy rhymes & salacious lyrics, which are presented in innocence from such an angelic voice. Renown for her live performing, The Afr0dite provides all the theatrics of onstage in this brief release. The Afr0dite manages to make lewd lines seem like the softest whispers in this minute and a half presentation. This dedication doo wop plays as a new phrase for women acknowledging their #MCM (Man Crush Monday’s). A “Ready Freddie” is that handsome gentleman a woman is admiring from a distance but yearn to have in close contact.

Enjoy listening to The Afr0dite’s newest single “Ready Freddie” on your device your way by clicking here.

Take A Listen To The Afr0dite’s New Single “Ready Freddie”Below!

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