Art| @Kith Arsham/Fieg Gallery Is Gearing Up Tetsuya Noguchi’s New Exhibition

This Friday, the good folks at Kith‘s Arsham/Fieg Gallery are hosting a unique installation from artist Tetsuya Noguchi dubbed “This is Not a Samurai“.

Noguchi’s artist approach is associated to everything medieval Japan, Renaissance Europe, graffiti, consumerism, luxury and contemporary culture. Giving a little bit of history to the design, Noguchi pays homage to the Japan’s Samurai’s. The samurai class is noted to reside at the top of medieval Japanese social scale and held position as the de-facto rulers of the island nation. Within the art, subtle details such as their hairstyles, clothing, armor and accessories showcased their elite status. Apart of their hierarchy lifestyle, they would also import fabrics and luxury materials such as embossed leather, lacquer and iron, the samurai’s armor employed design, engineering and craftsmanship that seem somehow modern, even today.

This is Not a Samurai: The Uncanny World of Tetsuya Noguchi imagines the samurai in today’s world, wearing some of fashion’s most iconic signifiers, symbols and logos – like the kamon of their sartorial clan. Since the samurai were the most fashionable members of Japanese society, a samurai today would undoubtedly be decked out in streetwear and the latest kicks – and would likely be a KITH customer. Culture vulture, sneakerhead and hypebeast, Noguchi’s samurai are warriors of the fashion set. Yet, even though these samurai may be victims of fashion, Noguchi’s real message is ultimately one of beauty and optimism as his samurai gaze to the future with innocence and hope.

The installment is set to release Friday, September 13th at 9 PM EST at the Arsham/Fieg Gallery in Kith Soho.

Take A Full Look At Tetsuya Noguchi’s ‘This Not A Samurai’ Installation Below!

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