Music| @Whoisjmar_ Speaks To Separation Anxiety In New Single “Chelsea”

Upstate New York is a completely different scene from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan and from this more peaceful terrain, we also find more relaxed musicians who craft grassroot style music. One of the up and coming with a more folk-R&B fusion to the NYC music scene is a crooner by the name J.MARaDO. The 21-year old is a self-taught vocalist with an outstanding ability to story tell and design a message that resonates with listeners of all backgrounds.

Starting his music career in 2021, the new talent has a brief discography but one filled with moving melodies detailing hardships and accomplishments through life’s journey. His latest tale is told in a soothing single called “Chelsea”. The charming songbird, J.MARaDO, provides details about this song as he describes it as a record written for people who suffer with Separation Anxiety and about people with commitment issues. This definition of ‘Chelsea’ is truly felt after listening to the heartfelt history of a lover reaching out to be loved.

The brief ballad is adorned with a cheerful guitar riff that is accompanied by a subtle drum pattern and the tranquil vocals of J.MARaDO. Luring lyrics details J’s desires for the affection from a special lady who seems to be a bit to busy to return calls, text or any other form of communication. With a message geared for those dealing with Separation Anxiety, this song is a perfect fit.

Tune Into The Latest Single From J.MARaDO Titled “Chelsea” Below!

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