Music| @EilDerbyx Is The Teenager Raising The Bar In R&B w/ New Single “Gaslight”

With R&B and I’m talking real R&B, at question these days, it is truly refreshing to find youthful talent taking the stage. Maryland-DC based artist Eli Derby brings the thought that true R&B can be saved and he debuts his efforts with his first single dubbed “Gaslight“.

It’s been a while since we seen a 18 year old singer-songwriter present melodies, wordplay, dance-moves and charisma to the R&B genre. The triple threat hasn’t been present in the industry for quite some time but record label Love Renaissance has seem to stumble upon a potential franchise player. From humble beginnings as a drummer and church singer to earning a place on the LVRN Christmas album last year, Eli is planning to release his first project with LVRN & Interscope. He leads off with this amazing single.

Eli offers up a smooth transparent record and visual with this release of ‘Gaslight’. Defining the millennial-highlighted term ‘gaslight’ as “to manipulate someone by psychological means into questioning their own sanity”, Eli’s music video showcases his struggle with his current love. Eli defines the intent of this record stating ” ‘Gaslight’ it was about making sure the person listening felt okay not knowing what to call their ‘situation.’ And that sometimes uncertainty can be exactly what you need in the moment.” 

Take A Look At Eli Derby’s First Official Music Video Above & Also Enjoy A Look At His Musical Journey Below!

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